Cattle Products

When it comes to protecting your cattle’s health and well-being, our range of cattle health supplies is second to none.

From prevention to treatment, we’ve got you covered.

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Fly Control

Achieved through the use of our cattle pour-on products, these products offer reliable and lasting protection for your stock from flies and their larvae that put your cattle at risk of disease and infection.

Lice and Worm Control

Lice can cause irritation and rubbing resulting in hair loss and poor coat quality in your herd, while cattle worms can lead to reduced liveweight gain, weakness and even death. With a combination of our drench and pour-on products, you'll have peace of mind your herd is protected.

Tick Control

Tick control is of the utmost importance with cattle ticks being the single worst external parasite for your herd, with some cattle ticks carrying the lethal 'tick fever' disease. our cattle dip and spray products are specifically designed to help stop ticks from becoming a problem for you.

trace product

Trace Element Supplementation

Trace minerals are crucial for the growth, reproduction, and immune defence of your herd. Deficiencies in trace minerals among cattle are extremely common. It is through trace mineral supplements that animals’ health and productivity are optimised. Our products will increase fertility, immunity and health when strategically implemented around critical husbandry practices such as joining and calving.

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