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We are a brand founded on over 150 years of pioneering spirit, knowledge and expertise. Today, we create exclusive products that offer value and performance, protecting the health and wellbeing of your animals.

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About Us

Against the backdrop of the gold rush of the 1800’s, visionary pioneer Frederick Gonnerman Dalgety built the foundations for the Dalgety Company, a major agricultural business throughout Australia that used global technologies and connections to create growth and prosperity to rural Australia.

Today, the Dalgety Animal HealthTM brand is synonymous with this pioneering spirit, and brings modern research and development, as well as years of experience on the land to create products to keep Australian livestock among the best in the world. Now backed by leading agribusiness Nutrien Ag Solutions, we look to continue to fulfil our quality promise of performance and value well into the future, remaining a brand Australian farmers can trust.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is Australia’s leading agribusiness

With more than 150 years experience in the Australian agriculture industry, we know farming. Our expertise, backed by our passionate, dedicated team, makes us the number one choice to help you grow your agribusiness.

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