Sheep Products

Maintaining the condition of your sheep is of utmost importance, and our variety of drenches, injections and spray ons will protect their well-being and ensure they remain healthy.

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Fly Control

Fly and larvae control is an important part in managing your flock. With our spray-on products we can help you to prevent 'flystrike' from having a devastating impact, while offering excellent protection to your flock.

Lice Control

The interaction between different classes of stock, including ewes and lambs, can make effective lice control a complicated process. Our pour-on, dip and spray-on options for lice control offer you peace of mind that your flock is protected.

Worm Control

The impact worms have on your flock is immense and can range from weight loss, disease and even death. Our specifically designed sheep worming products will aid you in the prevention and eradication of worms through injections and oral drenches.

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