For control of levamisole and fenbendazole sensitive mature and immature roundworms in sheep and lambs and as an aid in controlling selenium deficiencies in sheep and lambs


Product type

Combinator LV plus selenium oral anthelmintic for sheep - Sheep Drench

Active ingredient

Fenbendazole 50 g/L, Levamisole 67.8 g/L, Selinium 1.0 g/L

Pack sizes


Pest type

Sensitive and Single-resistant mature and immature strains of the Roundworms and Lungworms, Tapeworms and Selenium deficiencies, Barber’s pole worm (Haemonchus contortus), Black scour worm (Trichostrongylus spp.), Hookworm (Bunostomum spp.), Intestinal threadworm (Strongyloides papillosus), Large lungworm (Dictyocaulus filaria), Large mouthed bowel worm (Chabertia ovina), Nodule worm (Oesophagostomum spp.), Small intestinal worm (Cooperia spp.), Small brown stomach worm (Ostertagia spp.), Thin necked intestinal worm (Nematodirus spp.),Tapeworm (Moniezia spp.).

Withholding periods

Meat – DO NOT USE less than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Milk – Milk collected from ewes within 3 days following treatment MUST NOT BE USED or processed for human consumption, or fed to bobby calves.